Twinkling Tilas Tutorial - Kerrie Slade

Twinkling Tilas Tutorial

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This is a beginner to intermediate beadwork project.  Use a combination of peyote stitch and ladder stitch to create simple star-shaped components and stitch them together to make an eye catching bracelet.  The main instructions are to make a single row bracelet (see pictures on the gallery page) but instructions for the wider cuff style bracelet shown above are also included.  It would be helpful if you have a working knowledge of peyote stitch and ladder stitch, but the diagrams and photos will help you.  Each star-shaped component measures approximately 2 ½ cm from side to side.  The finished bracelet can be made to measure and will fit any wrist.
The tutorial is 15 pages long and includes a combination of text, diagrams and photos.
All instructions are written in English, but there are lots of diagrams and photos included.
Please note, this is a tutorial only and not a kit.  I bought my Tila beads from The Bead Shop (Nottingham) Ltd.