English Rose Necklace Tutorial - Kerrie Slade

English Rose Necklace Tutorial

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Please note – this is the English version of my project that was published in the German magazine Perlen Poesie.

This is an intermediate to advanced beadwork project.  Use a combination of brick stitch, peyote stitch and ladder stitch to create this elegant and unusual necklace.  You should have a working knowledge of flat and circular brick stitch, tubular peyote stitch and ladder stitch – although there are lots of diagrams and photos to help you.  The finished ‘rose’ measures approximately 5 cm from side to side and the necklace shown measures approximately 47 cm from clasp to tip but it can be made in any length to suit individual preference.
This comprehensive tutorial is 26 pages long and includes a combination of text, diagrams and photos.
All instructions are written in English, but there are lots of diagrams and photos included.
Different views of this necklace can be seen on the ‘Gallery of my work’ page.
Please note, this is a tutorial and not a kit.