Daisy Chain Tutorial - Kerrie Slade

Daisy Chain Tutorial

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Please note – this daisy pattern has previously been published in the UK magazine Bead.

This is a beginner to intermediate beadwork project.  Use a combination of brick stitch and ladder stitch to create these lifelike little daisies that can then be used in a variety of ways.  The tutorial includes instructions for making a pair of earrings, two styles of pendant, a bracelet and a necklace but there are lots of other ways you can use your finished daisy and it can easily be incorporated into other finished beadwork.  It would be helpful if you have a working knowledge of brick stitch and ladder stitch, but the detailed diagrams will help you.  Each daisy measures approximately 2 ½ cm from side to side.
The tutorial is 16 pages long and includes a combination of text, diagrams and photos.
All instructions are written in English, but there are lots of diagrams and photos included.
Different views of this project can be seen on the ‘Gallery of my work’ page.
Please note, that this is a tutorial and not a kit.