Core Beaded Bead Tutorial - Kerrie Slade

Core Beaded Bead Tutorial

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This is an intermediate beadwork project to create a beaded bead with a central beaded core.  You should have a working knowledge of peyote, herringbone and ladder stitch.  These instructions are to make a beaded bead (in the pattern shown) only and do not include instructions for the bracelet and/or necklace.  The tutorial is 12 pages long.
Please be aware that this tutorial uses Toho seed beads and Miyuki Delica cylinder beads.  If you are unable to obtain these brands, or wish to use other beads, your finished bead may not be quite as streamlined as the beads shown, due to slight variation in size.  Certain colour finishes also cause some beads to be slightly larger than others, which may again affect your finished bead – I would recommend using a galvanised or metallic finish for your core and not silver-lined beads.  In either case, you may need to make minor adjustments to achieve the same effect – although you could come up with some interesting results of your own!
Please note, this is a tutorial only and not a kit.
All instructions are written in English, but there are lots of diagrams and photos included.