Ever since my designs first started appearing in various beading magazines in 2008, people all over the world have been contacting me with either compliments or queries (or both!) and some have kindly sent me pictures of their finished work using my patterns.  I love to receive feedback on my work and designs and so I have set up this page to show pictures of readers' work.

I am planning to make this an ongoing thing - so if you have a picture of your work that is based on one of my patterns published in Bead, Bead&Button, Beadwork or Beading Daily (or anywhere else!) or a pattern that you have purchased directly from me - then please send me a picture via mail@kerrieslade.co.uk along with your name (and blog/website address if applicable), and I will gladly add it to this gallery!

If you wish to purchase one of the patterns shown below, simply click on the title of the project and a new window will open with a link to either the actual project or a back issue of the relevant magazine. Please note, this is not a complete catalogue of my published designs, a full list can be found here .





 Gisela made just a handful of flowers to create this beautiful wearable necklace.






Katy of KatyPerles made this dramatic Popper Flower set.  In the picture below you can see how the flowers are interchangeable.









Francine of Fraisiperles created this beautifully fresh looking necklace and added her own leaf design as the finishing touch.




Marie Takarbessy of Atelier TBY attached her Double Daisy to the centre of a rope to create this elegant necklace. 




Francine of Fraisiperles made a single bougainvillea bract into this pretty little handbag charm.


Vanessa Ratliff beaded this beautiful bouquet.


Dick Ecton chose this sensational riot of colours for his bougainvillea bracts!


Manuela of Manucrea made three flowers in a beautiful vibrant shade of purple and cleverly incorporated a donut bead into her finished piece.


Katy of KatyPerles created this beautiful, fresh looking necklace, using two different shades of pink and green.  




Sofie of Sofie's Creatie's made these beautiful summery beads complete with a delicate beaded rope.


Veva made this beautiful bracelet and had the great idea of using a core bead for the closure!


Cristina of ababeads made these gorgeous beads and threaded them onto bright green cord which picks out the green in the beads perfectly!


Cristina of ababeads also made the striking yellow and black beads shown above, and threaded them onto plaited cord.



Alex of Unicorniopasion created this beautiful and unusual necklace in shades of cream, brown and gold.


Nicole of Hollybird Beads made her bead in these beautiful shades of teal and turquoise.


Cécile of Perles & Poésie made a beaded bead in this beautiful mix of colours and hung it from a simple silver chain. 


Elvira of Maybe-Beads made her beaded bead in a lovely mix of greens and used it as the focal bead for this gorgeous bracelet.


Juli of Julsbeads made her beaded bead in a delicious spring-like mix of pink and green.


Juli of Julsbeads made her next beads in this lovely mix of turquoise, pink and purple.




Carol Passaro of Classy Crystals was the first to show me her version of the Mistletoe Earrings - look at that neat wirework! 




Cyndi of Beading Arts planted one of the flowers in her beautiful floral necklace 'RuthAnn's Garden'.


Yuliya of Yuliyart created this stunning red hibiscus with a very realistic looking stamen.


Close-up of the wonderful stamen by Yuliya of Yuliyart


Katy of KatyPerles created this beautiful necklace in dramatic shades of black and red and completed it with a very pretty clasp!


Otilia Romea of LaSalsa Bijoux used a delicate shade of pink for her pretty hibiscus flower. 



Joanna of Szupa used a beautiful shade of blue for one of her hibiscus flowers.


Madi of Galeria Margo made her hibiscus in gorgeous shades of blue and gold.


Aurelie of Perles d'Eden created this pretty hibiscus necklace.



 Diane Fitzgerald added her finished hibiscus to a honeycomb quilt piece complete with bee!



Susan Dunk of Bead-Elegance suspended a single flower from a matching beaded chain.


Lorraine Coetzee of Trinity Designer Jewellery used clear glass beads with a few pink beads on the edge to create this lovely sparkly hibiscus necklace.


 Pat Stone of Amy's Bead Garden hung one of her hibiscus flowers from a beaded rope and another from ribbon.


Sharon Barker - UK.  Sharon attached her hibiscus flowers to the ends of a beaded rope to create a a beautiful lariat.



Merryn used this gorgeous mix of turquoise and brown seed beads for her flower.


Angie of Beads By Angie made her flower in a beautiful shade of teal and added a lovely lampwork bead to the centre.


Laulo Darbas of L'hebdo de Laulo made her necklace in shades of pretty pink as a gift for a friend.



Zsuzsi of KissBeads made earrings to match her beautiful necklace.


Alida Bunney from Australia made her flowers in three gorgeous shades of purple.


Adele Rogers Recklies of  Bead Crochet Snakes added one medium sized flower to three strands of silk and organza ribbon to create this beautiful necklace.



Carol Passaro of Classy Crystals


 Carol Passaro of Classy Crystals created her own version of this flower, using gorgeous green beads and beginning with circular brick stitch rather than flat brick stich!


Caroline Harvey - Suffolk UK


  Black Frost - Liz Reed of The Crimson Moon



Susan Dunk of Bead-Elegance made her flowers in dramatic red and black.



Lizzy Hartwell of Bonnies Gems made the small flower and attached it to some Russian leaves to create this pretty necklace.



Dana Steen Witker







Helen Brill of Just Brill Crafting made these beautiful poppies using Delicas, size 11 seed beads and size 8 seed beads.


Francine of Fraisiperles made this deliciously dark poppy using metallic raspberry beads.


Abbey Wilkins of Studio Callatya beaded this pretty red poppy. 


Melanie Walsh of K & M Beadshop made this beautiful blue poppy.


Zsuzsi of Gyongymania created this lovely rich red poppy. 


Cécile of Perles & Poésie made several poppies in different colours and created this wonderful 'sautoir' style necklace.


Katy of KatyPerles used these lovely red beads with an AB finish to give her poppy some extra sparkle! 


Merryn gave her poppy a completely different look by using this wonderful mix of black and pink seed beads and hanging it from a beaded bail!


Otilia Romea of LaSalsa Bijoux made this gorgeous silver poppy.



Karen Kenny - UK


Sarah Tucker of Bead The Change turned her poppy into this gorgeous and dramatic cuff!


Carol Passaro of Classy Crystals



Karen Kenny - UK


  Liz Reed of The Crimson Moon


 Lizzy Hartwell of Bonnies Gems attached a little dragonfly charm to her poppy!





Sue Barker - UK


Benjawan Samphaothong




 Katy of KatyPerles created this striking bracelet using the Periwinkle Choker pattern.


  Nicole of Hollybird Beads


Lizzy Hartwell of Bonnies Gems made two of the flowers to create this dramatic necklace.





Elizabeth Pullan of BrillianSea made this blue dragon bangle for her daughter's fairytale wedding!



Tiffany Westlund - USA


Tiffany Westlund - USA


Christine Moore - UK


Christine Moore - UK



 Patricia Smith - Cambridgeshire UK.


Jerri Roey beadbimbo.com




Marie Takarbessy of Atelier TBY made this beautiful summery Daisy Chain necklace.


Vanessa Ratliff made this lovely pair of daisy earrings.


Sue Barker - UK


 Pat Piggott - uniqueglass and kiloalphatango




Judith - Jubeadsbox


 Judith - Jubeadsbox




Sharon Wagner of Yadasi Beads added three little white foxgloves to her lovely vibrant version of Jeannette Cook's 'May's Garden'.



Suzie Carlisi - Canada


Suzie Carlisi - Canada


Alison Inglis - BeaDangles Jewellery


Alison Inglis - BeaDangles Jewellery


Fantasy Foxglove by Alison Inglis - BeaDangles Jewellery


Benjawan Samphaothong


June Josten


 A foxglove becomes a bluebell! By Alison Inglis - BeaDangles Jewellery 


 Christine Moore


 Christine Moore


Jo-Ann Woolverton





Anna Szydlowska of Niniani made these lovely chequerboard cufflinks.

 Alison Inglis - BeaDangles Jewellery